Friday, 18 July 2008

Nina Turns 40!

Well, it was inevitable but a relief now the anticipation and anxiety about hitting a big one is over. I spent the morning drinking tea. Then my Caitlin fixed my hair with the most wonderful arrangement of gold and brown and black clips.

Then Brandon made me Scrambled eggs with just the right amount of salt and pepper which I indulged in whilst watching the morning news. Patrick and Caitlin went down the street to get a a Latte. Just perfect!

Caitlin and I took Redd to the park where I pushed her on the tire swing and then we swung together until motion sickness (or maybe the scrambled eggs) got the better of me and we decided to walk around the river which was glorious!

Back home I was showered with flowers and gifts from Oz. Yeah! Thank you.

Then I got ready for lunch whilst speaking to my mum!

Lunch was at Ricardo's Italian. My friend Michelle got me the cutest martini glass so I just had to put something in it!

Thank you all my special friends for their phone calls and email messages. I feel very very lucky to have such thoughtful people in my life.

Funny cards...thanks for making me laugh.

"At 40, a healthy diet is more important than ever."
Open card..."Better have a glass of red wine in between margaritas...and remember to eat the celery in your Bloody Mary!"

"Like a great wine we get better as we get older."
Open card...Or rather, as we get older, we feel better with lots of great wine!"

"Do you know what it means if a man is in your bed gasping for breath and calling your name?
Open the card..."It means you didn't hold the pillow down long enough! Have a killer birthday".

The kids and I went to Marrakesh Moroccan restaurant for dinner to celebrate. We sat on cushions and ate with our fingers which the kids adored! We had our fingers washed then rubbed with rose scented oil. I wasn't certain that they would enjoy the food but they LOVED it

Most of all they liked the belie dancer. Especially Patrick whose eyes opened wide as she sashayed along side of him! Caitie was determined to put a tip in her skirt despite her wiggling bottom and she eventually succeeded much to the joy of the diners.

After dinner, the kids and I met Kerri and her son, Sean for photographs down on the dock by the river with the city and the setting sun in the background. They should be incredible and what a wonderful gift and memory of my day.

When we got home (10pm) my neighbour turned up with more flowers. Oh my gosh! I have just had the most perfect day. Thank you all and goodnight.

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