Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Magnetic Island - One Perfect Day!

After some intense beach combing (Caitie has quite the collection of shells and Coral now), we enjoyed a lovely cooked breakfast whilst watching the moored yachts reflect the warm suns glow as it rose over the horizon.

Whilst the kids played beach cricket with a baseball bat (whatever, we're on holidays), Gerry, Kevin and I walked the length of the beach and back (about 8km) chatting, collecting unusual coral pieces and watching the horses take a dip in the sea.

The Coral Sea, that is. Loads of coral washes up on to the sand then crushes beneath the feet of frolicking beach visitors so that the crunchy sand tickles and massages your feet as you walk.

With the "NO electronics whilst the sun is up" rule, the kids were raring to go so Gerry and I took them tubing. What a blast!

Back at the beach house, a kookaburra came to visit and snack on some chicken cut-offs whilst Caitie took a dip in the pool. The boys got out the card games and the adults took a nap!

End to a perfect day!

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