Thursday, 11 August 2011

Caitie Swims At SOPAC

Caitie stopped in her tracks as we entered the Olympic Aquatic Park (SOPAC). "OMG...I'm swimming here?" It's pretty overwhelming at first. Especially as it was her first swim meet in Sydney.

We were a little early so we walked around the deck, met the Meet Director, chatted with her coach, located the marshalling area and talked about the former Olympians who had walked these very same halls . Minutes later eagerness got the better of her and she asked, "OK...Can I swim now?"

"OMG...I'm swimming here?"

Caitlin had a few weeks off her training due to her Whooping Cough bout so she wasn't expecting to do brilliantly BUT she killed it!

Caitie ripped 9 seconds off her 100 IM time placing 9th overall; 4 seconds off her 50m Free and 6 seconds off her 50 Breast. That's a lot of seconds in the swim world....whatever they are doing at training is really working! Thank you Lane Cove Swim Club.

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